Custom Enterprise Apps

We’re Microsoft-certified app developers, skilled in a variety of platforms, including Power Apps, Power BI and Power Platform, Azure, Office 365, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Apple’s App Store, Google Play, and Windows. We have launched over 150 enterprise-grade apps for senior leadership, sales, marketing, IT, customer support, and global distribution channels.

Task Trackers

  • Bird’s Eye: track tasks and project status, enable communication, and resolve bottlenecks
  • Task Manager: enable cross-team collaboration and complete tasks faster
  • Data Dictionary: keep track of changes with Dynamics 365 version comparison

Checklist Apps

  • Marketing Checklist: coordinate campaigns and launch events faster
  • Dynamic Checklist: auto-populate procedures to ensure compliance
  • Employee Exit Checklist: offboard employees quickly and securely

Resource Planning Apps

Support Ticket Tracker
  • Code Red: close high-risk customer tickets faster with mobile alerts
  • Help Advisor: receive support recommendations based on resolution trends
  • Ticket Tracker: improve support operations with automated ticket assignment

Marketing Apps

  • Marketing Hub: increase productivity with centralized team projects, services, and resources
  • Social Sharing: easily share content and events on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more
  • YouTube Channel Analytics: visualize channel performance and improve engagement
Event Management

Performance Analysis Apps

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COVID-19 Business Continuity Apps

Open Source Apps

We have published 50 free apps and solutions with over 2M downloads. In 2018, we partnered with Elon Musk’s Global Learning XPRIZE winners to enhance their educational apps. We validated the winners’ software to ensure it is globally accessible and compatible with a variety of devices, including most cell phones and tablets. We also used the open source code to create our own versions of the apps for school children in India. Pehla Apps is available for free in Hindi, Urdu, Bangla, and English on Google Play.

Business Apps


Text Analytics Engine

  • Discover meaningful insights from text and customer feedback using our AI-driven text analytics engine


BI Hub

  • Centralize self-service BI and gain access to unlimited report embedding with BI Hub


Exit Tracker

  • Automate and streamline your employee exit process with our Exit Tracker Power App

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