Intelligent software that observes, analyzes, learns, and assists

AI expands business capabilities, allowing you to cut costs, gain insights, and improve productivity. It eliminates routine tasks, continually improves processes, and allows you to focus on creativity and growth. Below are ways AI can help you.

Predictive Analytics

Propensity to convert a customer from trial to paid

Recommendation Analytics

Propensity of a customer to buy a particular product

Intelligent Applications

Support ticket prioritization        

Smart Bot Framework

Voice-enabled training bot        

Text Based Analytics

Email sentiment analysis

Cognitive APIs

Face recognition

Media Analytics

Video insights

Speech Recognition

Voice-enabled data search

Case Studies

Case Study
Machine Learning Helps Prioritize Customer Support

MAQ Software implements ML solution to respond more efficiently to customer support requests.

Case Study
Using AI to Streamline Incentive Payouts

MAQ Software saves time by delivering an AI solution that validates vendor proof of engagement documents.

Case Study
Using AI to Identify Businesses for Event Marketing

MAQ Software uses machine learning (ML) to target prospective customers based on product usage and demographics.

Case Study
Sentiment Analysis Helps Evaluate Conference Feedback

MAQ Software uses text analytics to research feedback from conference attendees.

Case Study
Manufacturer Uses AI Recommendation System to Streamline Purchases

MAQ Software implements a product recommendation engine for a gaming hardware manufacturer allowing buyers to easily customize products.

Case Study
Generating Sales Leads with AI

MAQ Software uses machine learning (ML) to determine which small business customers are likely to purchase software.

Case Study
AI Video Analysis Determines Real-Time Audience Emotions from Facial Expressions

Emotion Analyzer uses Microsoft Cognitive Services to collect audience feedback in real time without the need for cumbersome surveys.

Case Study
Retailer Reduces Costs by Using AI to Automate Customer Feedback

A large retailer partners with MAQ Software to identify patterns in customer feedback as they return a computer product.

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