Data analysis, data warehousing, campaign management, website optimization, and Azure data lake

We deliver data management solutions, including multiple database applications for Fortune 500 companies, using data from a range of sales and marketing databases.

Data Analytics Experts

We have delivered reporting and insights for many Fortune 500 companies, including insights on over 400 terabytes of data for a chain of high-tech retail stores.

Cleanse & Transform Your Data
  • Segment, personalize, and pattern behaviors
  • Multi-campaign attributions and multi-channel analytics
  • Competitive intelligence analysis
  • Real-time data processing to provide immediate insights on productivity suite product usage

Managed Storage

We can help you manage your data storage and processing needs to better define your business and make confident decisions

Deeper Insights
  • Design, build, and maintain ETL packages, data marts, and OLAP cubes
  • Data mining and predictive analysis
  • Recommended storage options (SQL Database, Azure Data Lake, Cube) based on data classification (high business impact, medium business impact, and low business impact)
  • Process approximately 400 terabytes of data per day

Customer Insights

We provide marketing campaign setup, reporting, and analysis to offer organizations deeper insights into their customers’ needs.

Leverage Your Data
  • Plan and set up integrated infrastructure for your campaigns
  • Analyze web traffic data beyond traditional click stream reports
  • Offer actionable metrics, benchmarking, and visualization
  • Apply complex financial and marketing rules to produce data insights

Cost Efficiency

We can help you reduce data costs, reduce latency, and optimize your site structure.

Operate Efficiently
  • Controlled experiments leveraging A/B and multivariate testing
  • Optimize site structure and information architecture
  • Develop and conduct user surveys, site usability, and user experience analysis
  • Reduce Azure VM cost using a custom framework to track and monitor resources
  • Reduce refresh latency with job scheduling, hierarchy queues, and Just-In-Time (JIT) scheduling

Creative Data Lake Solutions

We are experts in Azure Data Lake implementation and optimization. The following are examples of our work with Azure Data Lake.

Render Data to HTML5 Report
  • We use U-SQL based queries and Azure Data Lake API to surface data from Azure Data Lake on rich HTML5 visuals
  • We achieve page load time (PLT) of ~10-15 seconds through Azure Data Lake query optimization
Data Manipulation
  • We create custom reducers that enhance the out-of-box Azure Data Lake operators to perform complicated business logic
  • With reducers, we can use advanced C# methods to achieve data manipulations
Real-Time Power BI Reports
  • We use Azure Data Lake Export API and Power BI REST API to push the latest data from Azure Data Lake to Power BI data sets
  • Set up continuous-poll or scheduled refresh
Secure Sensitive Data
  • We use a custom Rijndael-based encryption utility to secure PII data at rest and during processing on Azure Data Lake

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