We Leverage the Power of Data Science to Expand Business Capabilities

Our artificial intelligence (AI) systems and machine learning (ML) models enable our customers to act on business-critical insights, identify patterns, and scale their operations. From managing and prioritizing support tickets to forecasting sales opportunities, our solutions are both informative and easy to use. Our solution insights serve over 100,000 global users, with our process automation implementations increasing efficiency by an average of 50%.

Forecast Annual Revenue
Forecast annual revenue

Our forecast model analyzes the impact of global sales deals on annual revenue

Learn more about our forecast model
Eliminate support ticket backlog
Eliminate support ticket backlog

Our prioritization model enables our client to respond to 15 million support tickets a month

Learn more about our prioritization model
Analyze event feedback
Analyze event feedback

Our sentiment analysis reduces the time organizers spend evaluating event feedback from hours to seconds

Learn more about our sentiment analysis tool
Engage your audience
Engage your audience

Our emotion analyzer uses video to evaluate real-time audience sentiment from facial expressions

Learn more about our emotion analyzer
Boost sales by targeting high-impact customers
Boost sales by targeting high-impact customers

Our recommendation model identifies prospective customers with the highest sales potential

Learn more about our recommendation model
Respond quickly to customers
Respond quickly to customers

We created a chatbot that can answer over 5,000 question types with 90% accuracy

Learn more about our chatbot
Resolve support tickets faster
Resolve support tickets faster

Our anomaly detection model effectively anticipates support and staffing needs

Learn more about our anomaly detection model
Enable voice-based data search
Find trends in customer reviews

Our text analytics engine converts unstructured text into meaningful insights

Try out our Text Analytics Engine
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Text Analytics Engine

What are you doing with your text data? Social media posts, event feedback, customer comments – all are valuable sources of information. With so much data at your disposal, it can be hard to identify actionable insights. Our Text Analytics Engine does that for you.


Using our Text Analytics Engine, you can:

  • Use pre-trained machine learning (ML) models to generate trends and insights from unstructured text
  • Visualize keywords and trends
  • Understand underlying text sentiment
  • Share your insights by downloading the final report as a PDF

SuSAn: Support System Analytics Dashboard

Optimize customer support channels. Using predictive analytics, our SuSAn dashboard enables support channels to close tickets faster and improve customer satisfaction.

Key Features:

  • Increase team productivity with recommended support ticket resolutions
  • Resolve high-risk tickets faster through automated prioritization
  • Increase customer satisfaction with a prioritization index
  • Improve team management with anticipated ticket volume reports
  • Reinvent agent training plans based on customer sentiment categorization


AI & ML Consulting

We offer a range of AI & ML consulting options on AppSource. During these engagements, we enable you to extract meaningful insights and eliminate routine tasks using ML models trained on your data.


Forecasting ML Model: 4-Week Implementation

  • Forecast key metrics and gather key insights with a reliable machine learning model trained on your data


Text Analytics Engine:
2-Wk Proof of Concept (POC)

  • We enable you to extract actionable insights from text collected through various customer feedback channels


Text Analytics Engine

  • Discover meaningful insights for text feedback generated from various customer channels with our ML tool

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