Optimize customer support channels and improve customer satisfaction

December 09, 2020 5 Minutes to Read

The Support System Analytics (SuSAn) dashboard uses predictive analysis to enable customer support channels to act faster.

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  1. Resolution recommendations enable support managers to close tickets faster
  2. Figure 1: Resolution Recommendation Dashboard
    • The top three recommendations are based on the content of past tickets that were successfully resolved
    • Recommendations include a link to their description and resolution comments

  3. Automated prioritization increases workflow efficiency
  4. Figure 2: Priority Dashboard
    • Tickets are prioritized based on ticket age, customer escalation likelihood, and expected resolution time
    • Track team member efficiency by comparing the expected resolution time to the actual resolution time

  5. Customer sentiment categorization enables leaders to quickly shift focus
    Figure 3: Sentiment Dashboard
    • Support tickets are categorized based on customer comments and presented in order of decreasing negative sentiment
    • Redirect team efforts and prepare training plans according to categories that require further exploration

  6. Escalation prediction enables managers to improve customer satisfaction
    Figure 4: Escalation Dashboard
    • Escalation likelihood is based on sentiment score and urgency index
    • Prioritize support to customers with high escalation scores (highlighted in red)

  7. Ticket volume and headcount forecasts improve team management
    Figure 5: Ticket Volume Forecast
    • Prepare staffing plans for the upcoming quarter through anticipated ticket volume
    • Set a clear team agenda and reduce unnecessary meetings

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