Sustainability is the way
forward, for all of us

Sustainability is not just a business buzzword. For the global population to reduce our emissions, sustainability must be a mindset for everyone. It requires a global effort. At MAQ Software, we commit to doing our part.

Our commitment:

Carbon neutral HQ by


Carbon net zero HQ by


Reduce carbon emissions by

55% by 2030

Our sustainability principles:


Ground our goals in science and math

We base our tracking and goals on universally accepted processes. We align ourselves with sustainability leaders like the CDP and Science-Based Targets to ensure we are compliant with the latest protocols.


Invest in green energy

We are committing to renewable energy sources. By 2025, our headquarters will run 100% on green energy. By 2030, all our locations will run 100% on green energy.


Reduce & remove

We are investing in energy-efficient systems, education initiatives, cloud-based data management, hybrid working models, and more to reduce our carbon emissions. To account for unavoidable emissions, we are proactively investing in carbon offset programs to remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere.


Transparent tracking

Our sustainability principles and progress are public-facing to keep us accountable. We publicly announce our carbon emissions on our website and in our yearly Social Impact report. We are currently building a Power BI report to track our carbon emission in real time, which will be available on our website once completed.


One global (green) team

Investing in a green future is a big undertaking. We rely on every one of our team members to reduce carbon emissions and identify new, creative ways to implement green ideas. Our sustainability progress is both readily available and frequently shared company-wide.

Get in touch

As a global company, we’ve established sustainability coordinators in both the United States and India. At our headquarters, we have a dedicated sustainability team lead by Rajeev Agarwal as Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO).

If you have a question about our sustainability initiatives, principles, or goals, we'd love to hear from you!

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