Data Science

Transform unstructured data into actionable insights


Customer Analytics

Transform customer communication into actionable insight with advanced analytics. We offer a wide array of sentiment, media, and text analytics solutions.

Find out how we enabled real-time event feedback with our emotion analyzer →


Predict where your business will be in the future based on where it is now. Time modeling enables you to identify key growth opportunities.

Discover how we identified the effect of seasonality on sales with machine learning →

Frameworks & Models

Take the next step into data analytics with a custom ML model trained on your data. Our replicable frameworks make deployment quick and easy.

Learn more about how our custom model reduced support ticket bounce rate by 20% →

Predictive Risk Analytics

Effectively allocate your resources with an automated prioritization system. Address high-risk, high-impact items first to resolve issues faster.

Find out how our CatBoost algorithm cleared our client’s support ticket backlog →

Text Analytics Engine

Transform unstructured text into meaningful insights

Social media posts, event feedback, customer comments – all valuable sources of information. With so much data at your disposal, it can be hard to identify actionable insights. Our Text Analytics Engine does that for you.

  • Generate trends and insights from unstructured text
  • Visualize keywords and trends
  • Understand underlying text sentiment
  • Share your insights by downloading the final report as a PDF
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Our Work

Case Studies

Read our data science case studies to see how we've helped our clients optimize costs, increase sales, and deliver faster results.

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Read our insights blogs to learn about the latest data science trends, technologies, products, and best practices.

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